Facial Thermal Sprayer


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Facial Care Tools Deep Cleansing Facial Nano Spray Water Meter Beauty Facial Steaming Device Facial Thermal Sprayer Sprayer

1: Quickly replenish water, acne, fade fine lines, soothe skin

2: Quickly replenish water, improve skin problems, instant detonation

3: Using advanced high-density chip technology and vibration technology, rapid penetration into the skin to add water

4: Cold fog will not make the skin loose, fine water mist can make the skin better absorb, improve the body’s ability to resist cold, help prevent colds, long-term use of cold spray inhibit melanocytes, dilute dark spots, shrink pores Anti-allergy and other effects.

5: The nanoparticle spray shows the nano-fine micro-fine material that penetrates the skin quickly to replenish the skin.

6: This nano spray water meter is made using high-precision chip control technology and special process shocks, 500,000 times per second. Instantly transforms water molecules into nanoparticles, penetrates the stratum corneum, cleanses the skin while deeply introducing moisturizing, leaving the skin moisturized and moisturized.

7: Spray distance: large and delicate fog, affordable, no makeup skin from the skin about 5CM spray, make-up skin from the skin about 12-15CM spray, will not spend makeup.


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